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Company name: "Lema"
CEO: Rimantas Kazlauskas

Established: January 5th, 1989.

Employees: 10 (2014 01 )

Oriented towards development and implementation of integrated solutions in various IT segments.

Some historical moments:

  • Lema was the first who created  IBM PC/XT equivalent in 1989 (with original PCB design).
  • Launched UNIX system in early 1992 (Motorola Delta Series V8840)
  • Established first wireless data link in 1994 (achieving 2Mbps throughput).
  • In 2007–2009 under the agreement with Motorola GmbH participated in the implementation of a digital mobile radio communications system TETRA for the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.

Key areas:

  • Integrated Telecommunication Solutions
  • Embedded Products Engineering and Software Development
  • Wireless Data Networking
  • Service for Mobile Operators

Lema has 25+ years experience in developing of information systems, WEB services, virtual servers and databases for public and private companies (in communications, defence, health, R&D, scientific and other sectors), using proprietary and open code technologies as Linux, Phyton, mySQL, html, Java, C++, php, various CMS, Windows Server, and others.